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Employment & Labor Law

We understand what you have at stake. Whether you are defending or bringing a claim, the highly technical – and highly personal – nature of employment-related legal issues demands experience and empathy in equal part, along with a passion for justice.

Our employment lawyers know Minnesota law well and fight with equal tenacity for those who have been mistreated by their employers, and for business owners threatened by specious litigation. Regardless of employer or employee status, bullies are bullies, and nothing gives us greater satisfaction than putting them in their place.

For employers, we seek first to help you avoid litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, our employment attorneys are ready to prosecute or defend your case to a successful conclusion. In all cases, we focus on helping you manage business risks to protect what you have built.

Employees and employers utilize Hellmuth & Johnson’s wrongful termination and employment discrimination lawyers in Minneapolis to adeptly handle these legal issues as well as others, such as extended unemployment following a job termination. When employment difficulties arise, it is important to act intelligently and proactively every step of the way. Our attorneys help identify the best options for resolving difficult and challenging issues while balancing that need against the financial and emotional costs surrounding the dispute.

Our employment attorneys wield deep experience across the gamut of employment law issues, ranging from less complex issues such as entitlements, unemployment compensation and the drafting of employee handbooks to more complex matters related to wrongful termination, non-compete agreements and trade secrets disputes. In every case, our skilled employment lawyers will help you protect you. Our experience advising both employers and employees not only makes us better evaluators and defenders of employment claims, it increases the likelihood that your employment issue will be resolved as successfully and efficiently as possible.

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