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ERISA Litigation

We aim to ensure the insurer pays you the benefits to which you are entitled.Whether our team of health insurance and ERISA attorneys in Minneapolis is helping you bring a long-term or short-term disability claim for benefits, appealing a denial of benefits, or initiating litigation because your remedies have been exhausted, we are committed to handling your case with the expertise, empathy, detail, and care you deserve.

Generally, any insurance policy that is issued as a benefit to your employment (such as disability, health, and life insurance) is covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Under ERISA regulations, the insurer is required to give your claim for benefits a full and fair review, evaluate all supportive documentation thoroughly, and inform you of the reasons for any denial of benefits as well as the ways in which you can perfect your claim.

Our ERISA attorneys know Minnesota laws to a tee; we have successfully resolved numerous complex ERISA claims and work hard to ensure that the insurer complies with ERISA regulations so you receive the insurance benefits you are owed. We can help you determine whether to file a claim for benefits, assist with the claim submission, draft an internal appeal for benefits upon denial, or initiate a court action on your behalf if necessary.

Whether you are looking for a health insurance or employee benefits attorney in the Minneapolis area, you can be assured that our skilled team of attorneys has the experience to successfully argue your case. Our attorneys represent clients in all aspects of their insurance legal claims. We will carefully monitor the insurer’s compliance with ERISA, compile and submit the evidence most favorable to your claim, present the best arguments supported by facts and case law, and ensure that a full and complete record is compiled should your claim be denied and you find yourself having to battle the insurer in court.

Many people with long-term, short-term, health, and life insurance claims turn to Hellmuth & Johnson’s ERISA lawyers for assistance in not only advising them on their claims, but also in shouldering some of the burden that often accompanies the convoluted claims process. When dealing with disabilities, health issues, or loss of loved ones, you need a supportive team that you can trust to handle your claim properly. Our ERISA attorneys will work hard to help you receive the benefits to which you are entitled while balancing the financial and emotional costs that often go into fighting insurance claims.

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