Brian D. Chmielewski

Brian has experience in divorce and family law matters. He has prosecuted and defended all types of contested issues, including the legal custody and physical custody of children; restrictions on parenting time and other placement related issues; current and past due child support; child care and day care expenses; education and employment-related issues; spousal support including initiating, limiting, modifying and terminating spousal maintenance; complex property division; digital currency and virtual accounts; concealed assets and dissipation of marital assets; allocating marital interests in closely-held businesses and professional firms; non-marital property claims; and distribution of property through negotiation or litigation.

Brian can petition and defend appointment of guardians or conservators to gain decision-making authority over the health, finances and welfare of your elderly parent, disabled adult or child.

Brian is a strong litigator who guides his clients through their toughest transition periods and who has the knowledge and skill to protect you, your assets and your children in the divorce, custody, and child support process. He is passionate about providing legal services in a timely, caring, and professional manner in order to meet the needs of today’s families.


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