Attorney Charlie A. Gustafson

Charlie A. Gustafson

Attorney at Law

Charlie A. Gustafson

Charlie A. Gustafson (they/them/theirs) is an associate attorney in the Family Law Department at Hellmuth & Johnson. Their areas of practice include divorce, custody and parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, third-party custody, domestic abuse, post-decree matters, LGBTQ+ family law, and other areas of family law.

Before joining Hellmuth & Johnson, Charlie served as a judicial law clerk in Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District for three years. Charlie was initially hired as a floating law clerk in Hennepin County Family Court due to a pandemic related hiring freeze in the fall of 2020. As a floating law clerk, Charlie had the opportunity to work with the majority of judicial officers assigned to the Family Court division at that time. After the hiring freeze was lifted, Charlie went on to clerk for Judge Nelson L. Peralta, Referee Jason T. Hutchison, Judge David L. Piper, and Referee Naomi S. Garfinkel.

From this experience, Charlie gained unique insight into different judicial styles of conducting hearings, making decisions, drafting orders, and managing cases. As an attorney, Charlie leverages this insight to efficiently and strategically help their clients navigate the family court process.

“I approach my work as a family law attorney through the lens of a storyteller,” Charlie says. “I’m fascinated by the telling and uncovering of stories that takes place over the lifetime of a family court proceeding. Stories can be told through pleadings and oral argument. Financial statements, medical records, and text messages can be used to tell a story. Of course, witnesses tell stories too; though these stories are often shaped by the questions and objections of counsel. The judicial officer then pieces all of these stories together to create their own story about a family. As an attorney, I am in a position to help my clients maintain dignity and power over their stories while harnessing the full potential of them to achieve desired outcomes.”

Charlie brings a high degree of empathy, emotional awareness, and passion into their work. Their strong interpersonal skills are complemented by a wealth of substantive knowledge about statutes, case law, and procedural processes relevant to the practice of family law in Minnesota.


In The News


  • Co-Chair, Minnesota Lavender Bar Association (May 2023 to Present)
  • Board Member, Minnesota Lavender Bar Association (May 2019 to Present)
  • Education Committee Member, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – Minnesota Division (August 2023 to Present)
  • Member, Family Law League (February 2023 to Present)
  • Member, National LGBT Bar Association (July 2020 to Present)
  • Member, National Trans Bar Association (July 2020 to Present)
  • Member, Minnesota State Bar Association (October 2020 to Present)
  • Member, Minnesota State Bar Association Family Law Section (October 2020 to Present)
  • Member, Hennepin County Bar Association (October 2020 to Present)
  • Member, Twin Cities Quorum (October 2022 to Present)

Honors & Awards:

  • Minnesota Judicial Branch Spot Award (2022)
  • Mitchell Hamline School of Law Out!Law Student of the Year Award (2019)
  • Scholarly Excellence in Academic Diversity Award (2016)
  • Lutheran Social Services “Great Neighbor” Award (2015)


  • Completed 400 hours of law-related public service during law school through the Minnesota Justice Foundation Law School Public Service Program.

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