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COVID Relief Explanation

This has clearly been a difficult year for many of us. Financial relief got hung up in congress and has finally been approved. Whether there is additional relief approved after the change in administration is yet to be determined. Here is an overview of key

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Employer Alert: 2021 Minimum Wage Increases in Minnesota

On January 1, 2021, State wide minimum wage increases will take effect. The Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul also have their respective minimum wage increases effective July 1, 2021. Employers must comply with the State or City minimum wages and pay their employees accordingly.

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Employee Restrictive Covenants, Part 2: Independent Consideration

When I get a call from either an employer or an employee about the potential enforceability of either a non-compete provision or a non-solicitation provision, among the first questions I ask is whether the contract at issue is supported by “independent consideration.” This post will

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Homeowner Association Management Agreements: The Top Ten Issues

As legal counsel to a large number of homeowner associations, we are often asked to review management agreements proposed by association management companies. This article examines the top legal issues that we regularly see in management agreements with homeowner associations. Your board of directors should

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A complimentary replay of the Hellmuth & Johnson Homeowners Association Fall Webinar is available for download. Topics for this webinar include information about: Amending Governing Documents, presented by Joel Hilgendorf and Nancy Polomis Negotiating Management Documents, presented by David Hellmuth and Phaedra Howard Time for

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Snowbird Law: Relocating from Minnesota to Florida

Every year, the population of Florida rises approximately 5% from November to April. Nearly one million snowbirds from the north are drawn to the Sunshine State, and many eventually decide to make Florida their permanent home. If you are considering making the land of beaches,

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