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Open Meeting Requirements – do they apply to Committees?

Under the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (“MCIOA”), which governs essentially all associations formed on or after June 1, 1994[1], as well as older condominiums and any older townhome or cooperative associations that have amended their governing documents to “opt in” to MCIOA, meetings of

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What Records Must the Association Keep? For How Long?

The snow has finally melted. Flower beds are exploding with color. The sunny days aren’t quite so rare. The next item on your to-do list is “Clean boxes out of garage.” You take a deep breath and open the first box: association records. The second

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The Hellmuth & Johnson Homeowners Association practice group delivered our annual spring webinar on May 1st. VIEW HERE Topics for this 2 hour webinar include information about: – Running an Effective Board Meeting – Rules & Regulations – Time for Q&A Presenters include: – David

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Is your HOA in Compliance with Fair Housing Laws?

April is National Fair Housing Month. What a great time to review your association’s rules, policies and procedures to make sure you are in compliance with state and national fair housing laws, which prohibit discrimination in housing on the basis of a person’s membership in

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Short-Term Rental Restrictions Gaining Popularity in Minnesota

Over the past few years, short-term rentals – often vacation rentals through sites like,, and – have become extremely popular. For the short-term tenants, it’s an easy way to get lovely accommodations, generally in less-commercially-focused areas of a town or city. For

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