Attorney Spotlight: Cole Hickman

In what area of law do you practice and why did you choose this?

I practice in the areas of estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, and business law. I chose these areas of law because it allows me to develop meaningful relationships with my clients and to provide significant (measurable) value for those clients as a result of the strategies we implement.

When did you decide you wanted to be a lawyer?

I initially considered being an attorney in high school, but I didn’t finalize that decision until my second or third year of college.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a lawyer?

I would be a business owner.

What do you like best about practicing law at H&J?

I like the team approach. I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues on unique and/or complex issues.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Educate and empower clients. Give clients all the tools and knowledge they need in order to make a decision that works for them in their unique situation and circumstances.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Probably Rome, Italy. But when traveling with my three young kids, we really enjoy a week in Florida during the cold winter months.

What is your favorite Minnesota Lake?

Medicine Lake, where you can find me most summer days. However, I also enjoy the occasional trip to the north shore of Lake Superior.

What is your favorite Twin Cities restaurant?

It’s a toss up between Martina and Travail.

When you are not working, what would people find you doing?

Enjoying time with my family – usually boating or watching my kids participate in sports or activities. I also enjoy hunting and fishing when I can find the time.

What is your favorite part of practicing law?

Developing meaningful, long lasting relationships with my clients. I enjoy learning the unique story of each client and earning trust through delivering great advice.