Carol Moss Discusses Minnesota’s New Hemp Law with WCCO

Hellmuth & Johnson’s Carol Moss was interviewed by WCCO to share her thoughts on Minnesota’s new hemp law that went into effect July 1, 2022. This new law regulates the use of cannabinoids derived from hemp in food and beverages in Minnesota and governs the packaging, the sale and the makeup of the products.

“This is an unusual situation in which you had these businesses going to lawmakers asking for them to regulate,” Moss explained to WCCO. “We want to do right by our customers, we want an even playing field, we don’t want to compete against bad actors.” She adds that no one should be caught off-guard by the idea of THC-infused snacks and drinks being regulated by the state. “People will see this can be a very good thing for our farmers, for retailers, for employers, for people getting jobs, and for a higher tax base. This is a very good thing for the State of Minnesota.

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