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Hellmuth & Johnson Attorney Carol Moss Discusses Minnesota’s Legalization of Cannabis Edibles with Business Insider

Carol Moss, Hellmuth & Johnson partner and chair of the firm’s Cannabis Law practice group, was interviewed by Business Insider to discuss Minnesota’s new law effective July 1, 2022 legalizing certain cannabis edibles and responding to statements made by state legislators regarding their confusion as to whether they were simply regulating the THC content of delta-8 products. The new law allows up to 5 mg/serving of any THC, including the more recreational delta-9 THC.

Carol told Insider she thinks most lawmakers knew exactly what they were doing. “This was not an 11th hour, behind closed doors thing,” she said, noting that at a House committee hearing in March, lawmakers included the THC caps. “This was all done in the light of day.” Moss said it is possible at least some lawmakers were confused, which is why she believes regulation of the cannabis industry would be better handled by a state commission of technocrats more familiar with the science. “You do have lawmakers who do not necessarily understand what they are trying to regulate, and when they do regulate they’re doing it piecemeal, which always causes problems,” she said.

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