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HOAleader Video: HOA Learns Its President Sexually Assaulted Kids

In this week’s tip, we address a dangerous and embarrassing situation that arose at a Utah HOA.

We ran across news reports about the state prosecuting a sex offender—who was at that moment serving as president of his HOA—because he failed to disclose he took on that role at his HOA.

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That Time a Registered Sex Offender Became an HOA President… [ Video]

Utah is prosecuting a convicted sex offender after learning he was president of his HOA. Utah law requires sex offenders to fully disclose their volunteer work, including service like that of an HOA officer or director.

Apparently, in 2016 this man pled guilty to first-degree felonies for attempted aggravated sexual abuse of his adopted children. Post-release he’s required to register as a sex offender and disclose roles like the one he held at his HOA.

Read full article here.

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