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Priceless Prince Photos Recovered Same Day Lawsuit is Served

Attorney Mick Spence and the team at Hellmuth & Johnson recovered nearly 3,000 irreplaceable and extremely valuable original photos of the legendary musical artist Prince on behalf of client Allen Beaulieu, a professional photographer who shot the photos in question between 1979 and 1984.

Mick Spence got involved after five months of Mr. Beaulieu trying to recover the photos himself, with the help of others, and even a previously-hired attorney. Spence understood the substantial financial and legal issues involved, and immediately began work to assist Mr. Beaulieu. A demand letter requesting the return of the photos by a specific date was sent to the defendants. Once the date passed, Spence filed a lawsuit in U.S. Federal District Court to recover the photos, any and all copies made, and seeking a Court Order prohibiting any future legal violations, recovering damages and securing relief for Mr. Beaulieu.

When faced with the lawsuit, the defendants agreed to allow Spence and his team to take back possession of the valuable photos. They were recovered the same day the lawsuit was served.

KSTP-TV interviewed Spence regarding this issue and filmed the recovery of the photos. Watch the video by clicking here. 

Mick Spence is a partner at Hellmuth & Johnson, working extensively in litigation, business, entertainment law and intellectual property matters. He works with creative businesses and individuals in all aspects of legal and business issues — from conception to exit, including all transactions and challenges in between. 

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