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Terry Moore’s podcast picked up by Twin Cities radio stations

Attorney Terry Moore’s podcast, Big Force Radio, has been picked up by three Twin Cities radio stations, with more than 1.2 million total weekly listeners.  It will be broadcast Sunday mornings on KQRS (92.5 FM);  The Vibe (105.1 FM)  and 93X (93.7 FM) beginning Sunday July 1, 2016.

The program examines business, politics and current events through the lens of human behavior and history every week. Big Force Radio spends a little time telling you what happened and a lot of time talking about why it happened and what will happen next. Terry brings a unique blend of experience as a lawyer, businessman and student of the game. He is a business and trial lawyer with Hellmuth & Johnson and the author of Big Force Negotiations, the Eight Skills You Need to Negotiate With Power.   

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Director of Marketing
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