Tune in to this continuing education video webcast provided by the National Business Institute.

This webinar will feature Hellmuth & Johnson attorney, Scott Nelson.

Program Description

Provide Your Clients with a Thorough Understanding of IRA Trusts

Be prepared for specific challenges associated with IRA trusts by understanding their unique characteristics. Our essential primer will provide you with a comprehensive overview of these popular trusts, including drafting tactics, advantages of an IRA trust and critical sample forms needed to complete the process. Register today!

Course Content

  1. Overview of IRA Trusts
  2. IRA Required Minimum Distribution Rules
  3. Retirement Account Rollover Rules and Mistakes
  4. Drafting an IRA Trust
  5. Tax Issues
  6. Sample Forms
  7. Using Self-Directed IRAs to Create LLCs for Non-Traditional Investments
  8. Ethics in Estate Planning Practice
  9. Distribution and Termination of IRA Trusts in Estate Administration


Scott M. Nelson

Karen L. Brady

Justin H. Brown

Michaeline A. Gordon


This legal program is designed for attorneys looking to increase their knowledge of IRA trusts. This course may also benefit financial planners, accountants and CPAs, and trust officers.