Tune in to this continuing education video webcast provided by the National Business Institute.

This webinar will feature Hellmuth & Johnson attorney, Russell Spence, Jr. “Mick”.

Program Description

Music * Film * Writer and Book Publishing * Television and Video

Do you want to get the fundamentals of entertainment law down? Are you familiar with the latest trends, hot-button issues and recent case law? Do you wish you had a more thorough understanding of copyright law and how it impacts intellectual property issues in writer and book publishing? And how does an attorney best assist in making a song go from a writer’s creation to a digital product? Get answers to these questions and more at this fast-paced seminar that looks at the inside workings of the entertainment industry. Register today!

Course Content

  1. Industry Trends, Hot-Button Issues and Case Law
  2. Film, Television and Video Contracts and Legal Consideration
  3. Negotiating Actor Agreements (Avoiding Top Legal Obstacles)
  4. Writer and Book Publishing: Copyright, Royalty Issues and Key Contract Clauses
  5. Music Industry Agreements, Licensing Issues and Trademark (and Issues)
  6. Ethical Considerations in the Industry
  7. Work For Hire, Fair Use and Joint Ownership Issues

This program is designed for attorneys. Paralegals may also benefit.