Attorney Mineral Rights & Royalty Claims

Mineral Rights & Royalty Claims

Mineral Rights & Royalty Claims

You deserve to have someone that will advocate for you as a mineral rights’ owner. We can help you determine your rights under mineral leases and assist in enforcing those rights against oil companies and other mineral lessees. Our team will do everything possible to ensure you are paid what you are owed at no financial risk to you. We only get paid if you, our client, get paid.

A mistake in your decimal interest can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. When working with Hellmuth & Johnson, the process starts by reviewing your lease and payment history to determine whether you have a viable claim against your mineral lessee. We go back to the public records and leases to calculate your ownership interest and royalty payments. If you have a claim, we will vigorously enforce your rights, often resulting in payment without the necessity of a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is unavoidable, our litigators have a reputation as tenacious bulldogs who will take your case all the way through trial. Our willingness to take cases to trial often motivates opponents to pay a reasonable settlement.

Oil and mining companies will always do what is in their best interest, usually without sharing the details with the mineral rights’ owner. They play games like “slow pay,” “recoupment,” “cost deduction,” “gross v. net,” and more. These tactics can reduce your payment without your knowledge. By understanding these games, we can identify whether you are a victim, and will go the distance to help you recover your losses.

Our approach to royalty claims is the key to our success in building solid relationships and implementing effective strategies that help us achieve favorable results for our clients. We offer:

Audit: If you think you might have a royalty claim, we will arrange an audit of your payment history, leases, and public records to determine whether you have been fully paid.

No fee unless you recover: If you have a claim for underpaid royalties, we will bring that claim on a percentage basis. Any attorneys’ fees will be calculated as a percentage of the recovery. We get paid only if you get paid.

Unmatched Experience: Our team has extensive experience litigating cases and handling issues surrounding royalty payments. We will work to achieve a maximum settlement and early resolution, but if that is unavailable, we will take your case through trial and appeal. We will fight for your rights until the end.

Our services:

  • Royalty claim litigation
  • Mineral leases
  • Drainage and other claims
  • Arrange royalty audits
  • Pursue and litigate mineral related disputes

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