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Brian Niemczyk to present in Brainerd on “How Not to Get Sued”

Brian Niemczyk will be presenting for the MHA Brainerd area 18th discussing “How Not to get Sued.” The presentation will be on December 9th at 1:00pm.

Course Description:
While going about their everyday business activities, rental property owners and managers can suddenly find themselves faced with a high risk situation. Without the proper preparation or knowledge on how to handle it, they can expose themselves and their properties to lawsuits. Join us as we go beyond Fair Housing and discuss:

  • What to Do with Leftover Personal Property
  • Security Deposits
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Claims
  • Failure to Prevent Criminal Acts  Violating a Tenant’s Rights to Privacy
  • Illegal Lease Terminations
  • What to Do When a Tenant Dies
  • Plus much, much more!

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Sarah Delaney
Director of Marketing

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