Pedro L. Herrera

Pedro navigates the complexities of commercial real estate with a clear, practical approach. His fluency in Spanish and diverse background enhance his transactional practice, making him a go-to resource for straightforward guidance. Known for his problem-solving abilities, he thrives in devising strategies that are both effective and grounded in realistic expectations.

In the realm of broader transactional practice, Pedro’s clients resonate with his no-nonsense style. He doesn’t shy away from challenges; on the contrary, he is energized by them, demonstrating an unyielding passion for learning and an almost insatiable drive for problem-solving. This fervor propels him to tackle issues head-on, armed with a degree of pragmatism that underscores his reliability. For Pedro, it’s not merely about finding quick fixes. He delves deeper, believing true comprehension stems from understanding the foundational elements of legal concepts, not just their surface-level implications. This depth of insight, gained from relentless curiosity and examination, equips him with the nuanced perspective necessary to guide his clients through complex legal terrains with confidence and clarity.

In his continuous pursuit of professional development, Pedro remains at the forefront of legal trends and regulatory shifts. His adaptive mindset, combined with a strong foundation in various aspects of corporate law, positions him uniquely in steering negotiations through ever-changing commercial landscapes. Pedro’s nuanced understanding of cross-cultural relationships fortifies his approach, enabling him to broker deals that account for diverse business mentalities, ultimately fostering sustainable partnerships that consider not just the immediate gains but the future implications as well.


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  • Member, Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association
  • Member, Minnesota Lavender Bar Association

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